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Grow Your Shopify Store With Better Ad Targeting

SyncTap lets you create insanely profitable target audiences for your ad campaigns.

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SyncTap unlocks highly profitable audiences that you can target with Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and Pinterest ads.

Supercharge Your Ads

SyncTap helps you uncover your best segments of customers to build insanely profitable audiences to target with ads.

Skip the Busy Work

Spend more time running your business and finding new creative angles. Leave the tedious work to SyncTap

Get Freaky Creative

Killer ad creative starts with targeting. SyncTap’s detailed custom audiences help you reach the right person with the right message at the right time.


Create Activity Based Audiences in Seconds

An absolute dream for retargeting. Create dozens of audiences in just a couple of clicks. Drill down by product or create them storewide.

Build Detailed Customer Segments

Want insanely profitable lookalike audiences? Start by uncovering your best customers. Create unlimited segments and get creative with our custom audience builder.

Steal Our Recipe for Success

We’ve spent over $80M scaling eCommerce brands. Now we’re sharing some of our best audience targets with you! Put them to work with a single click.

Make Advertising Fun Again

Who said eCommerce advertising had to be full of tedious, mind-numbing work? Let SyncTap run in the background while you focus on the next creative breakthrough.

Custom Audience Builder

Target profitable audience segments from your store's past customers. Customers are added/removed automatically based on rules you define.

Activity Based Audiences

Create dozens of audiences at once in a matter of seconds, based on page views, add to carts, checkouts initiated and more.

Real Time Synchronization

Forget exporting and importing CSVs daily. SyncTap automatically updates your audiences every hour.

Audience Templates

Choose from dozens of proven audience templates that you can put to use with one click.

Expanded Lookalike Audiences

Create large Facebook lookalike audiences up to 20% (this isn’t available in the Facebook Ad manager!)

Multiple Ad Platforms (coming soon!)

Expand your targeting beyond Facebook to Google, Pinterest and Snapchat!

Frequently Asked Questions

SyncTap is a Shopify app designed to help users target their most profitable Facebook audiences faster and easier. 

Building audiences can take up so much time, but with SyncTap you can reduce a task that usually takes hours to just a few seconds.

SyncTap has been optimized for Facebook advertisers that regularly run ads and need a smarter way to uncover profitable segments of their audience.

Because of its versatility, SyncTap was developed for individual users and agencies or large businesses with multiple ad accounts. 

Individual users will benefit from the incredibly easy tools for digging into customer history and applying previously uncovered profitable audiences to their campaigns.

Agencies will love how easy it is to boost overall client performance with just the click of a button.

SyncTap gives you blueprints of audiences that have been proven to perform (we know because we’re the ones who tested them). You can start using these audiences right away once you sync your Facebook ad account with SyncTap.

We can’t claim that any of our audience blueprints are “silver bullet” solutions that will get guaranteed results. It’s up to you to implement your ads and optimize for the best results! But this tool will massively reduce the amount of time you’re spending building audiences so you can focus on other aspects of your advertising strategy.

Users can choose between four pricing tiers; each one has a monthly recurring fee. Small businesses will likely benefit the most from the Free Forever or Basic plans. Facebook advertisers or agencies will prefer the additional features of the Pro or Premium plans. 

If you’re not sure that you’re ready to take on a monthly fee, we recommend you try out the Free Forever plan first!

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that our audience blueprints will work for you. We are, however, really, really, really confident that they will. We’ve spent $100+ million running ads for hundreds of eCommerce stores, and earned over $500 million in revenue for our clients. We know our stuff!

You are in full control of building custom audiences and managing campaigns! However, if you’re ready to cross one thing (or, well, a bunch of things) ads-related off your to-do list, book a chat with our friendly growth experts at EmberTribe. EmberTribe is a full-service growth marketing agency with over 5 years of experience growing eCommerce brands. Our team could manage profitable Facebook campaigns in their sleep…but they’re too caffeinated to prove it.

EmberTribe is the eCommerce agency (a.k.a. masterminds) behind SyncTap. We realized we needed a solution for our clients that would make finding audiences for their campaigns easier. With SyncTap, we have been able to deliver faster syncing, better audience accuracy, and a fool-proof way to target new potentially profitable audiences. Want us to manage your eCommerce growth system? Book a call with us today.

We take your privacy seriously! You can view the privacy policy here. In fact, helping eCommerce store owners better protect their privacy is one of the reasons why we built SyncTap. Your customer data is securely passed to ad platforms like Google and Facebook using encryption and hashing. While our app helps you build a “bridge” from your store to your ad platform of choice, none of that data is stored on our servers. Our app periodically checks for updates and then passes along that updated information to Google/Facebook.

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